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Mexico will to invest in the productivity of the naval industry

The Communication and Transport Sector Program 2013-2018 is looking for to reactivate the shipping activities in order to promote it as an alternative route for the transit of goods . Mexico City – The Transport and Communication Sector Program 2013-2018 , published by the Official Gazette, displayed on the merchant marine and naval industry a

PPE: Safety gloves

by CMC A glove is a personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect all or part of the hand. You can also partially or fully cover the forearm and arm. In the workplace, the worker’s hands and even your entire body can be at risk due to external actions, lacerations on his hands, and accidents due

PPE: Glasses, googles and face shields

by CMC Our personal protective equipment (PPE) is extremely important not only to make a good project, but to avoid risks to others who endanger their life and / or quality of work. PPE is designed to protect the eyes, face, head and extremities of the person, both injuries and illnesses in the workplace from

Women and youngsters of ANSPAC Veracruz accomplish another goal

By Jésica Ramos – HR Department – July 5, 2013 The graduation ceremony for the units belonging to the National Association for Personal Growth (ANSPAC) was an emotional one. For six years, Chet Morrison Contractors (CMC) has changed the lives of many youngsters and women who participate in the courses of this organization by promoting their

Eight points to modernize the port system: Peña Nieto

Improve connectivity, enhance and streamline trade procedures are measures seeking to place Mexico as commercial reference CNN Mexico – June 2, 2013 The president Enrique Peña Nieto announced Saturday eight-point plan to boost the development of maritime-port system of Mexico, with the intention of seizing the “geography” of the country and make it “a landmark

In Mexico, Pemex will invest U.S. $ 67 million in modernizing docks

State oil facilities will rehabilitate seven ports May 31, 2013 The public company Pemex announced that this year will invest 840 million pesos (almost $ 67 million) for the rehabilitation and modernization of the country seven springs. In a statement to the Mexican stock exchange, the oil company said the project includes the rehabilitation of

Dos Bocas Port: 20% of load movement increased

By Hugo Hernandez – May 30, 2013 The April, cargo handling port terminals Dos Bocas in Tabasco, increased 20% when registering 2 million 556 thousand 306 tons against the two million 130 thousand in the same period last year, in addition to completing 2000 153 boat arrivals. Multipurpose Terminal, which operates foreign trade of bulk, general

Naval industry, development lever in Mexico: Senate

By Hugo Hernández  –  May 26, 2013 Through a point of agreement approved by the full Senate, it was decided to support the development of naval laindustria through fiscal mechanisms, as well as the impetus for the acquisition of vessels built in Mexico. PRI Senators José Francisco Barroso Ricardo Yunes Zorrilla and Agramont made ​​the

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