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Safety First. Innovation Always.

Last year we focused on management visibility, accountability, engagement, consistency and implementation of  additional resources where required. It’s these practices that led us to end 2013 with an industry-leading safety performance. While our ultimate goal is incident-free performance, the significance of our 2013 safety performance demonstrates our unending efforts to maintain a positive culture throughout our organization.

As we enter into a new  year, we announce our brand revitalization, which signifies our ongoing initiatives to strengthen operational efficiencies and provide increased value to our clients, while keeping our people safe.

Our goal in 2014 is to raise the bar and surpass expectations.

PPE: Safety gloves

PPE: Safety gloves

by CMC

A glove is a personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect all or part of the hand. You can also partially or fully cover the forearm and arm.

In the workplace, the worker’s hands and even your entire body can be at risk due to external actions, lacerations on his hands, and accidents due to bad use or choice of the glove.

Gloves must protect against a particular risk due by themselves  use without creating other hazards.

It must be ensured that there is no hygienic issue for the user due to the characteristics of glove manufacturing materials used or degradation from normal use. For example, the pH level of the material is greater than 3.5 and less than 9.5, correct limitation of chromium, and adequate ergonomics (comfort level in accordance with the standard for protection).

Safety gloves, like other personal protective equipment, fall into three categories depending on the risk:

» Category I From simple design. Protects against minor or moderate risks.

» Category II intermediate design. Protect intermediate risk, ie, which can not cause serious injury or death. They are certified by a notified body or laboratory.

» Category III complex design. Protects against risk of irreversible injury or death. They are certified by a notified body or laboratory, plus a production control by the same organism.


What do you must care? For effective risk protection, gloves should remaina useful, durable and resistant to numerous actions throughout its life.

How do you choose them? Choosing a glove required, in any case, a thorough knowledge of the job and its environment. Therefore the choice should be made by trained personnel, and during the participation and collaboration of workers will be crucial.

PPE: Glasses, googles and face shields

PPE: Glasses, googles and face shields

by CMC

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) is extremely important not only to make a good project, but to avoid risks to others who endanger their life and / or quality of work. PPE is designed to protect the eyes, face, head and extremities of the person, both injuries and illnesses in the workplace from contact with chemical products or radiological, and from physical , electrical, mechanical hazards.

A vital part to protect are our eyes. While it is true that every part of us is important to perform work, the eyes are our guide , those that allow us to understanding the process, learning and making sure that a job is done correctly. In addition, through the view we can realize the dangers and / or future accidents, so safety glasses (part of our Personal Protective Equipment) must carry  and maintaining in good condition.

There are different types of protection for the eyes:

Glasses. They are stronger and more resistant to an impact  plus lenses frames are stronger against heat than ordinary frames. Although the more modern styles of safety glasses are manufactured with a wraparound lens can be attached side shields protection to other styles of safety glasses for protection against flying particles .

Googles. Are similar to the glasses but they fit close to the eyes and may provide additional protection from dangerous situations such as flying particles, liquid splashes, mists, fumes and dust.

Face shields. Are required to protect against flying particles , metal and chemical splashes . The face shields are available to be adapted on a helmet or can be worn directly on the head.

In Mexico, Pemex will invest U.S. $ 67 million in modernizing docks

State oil facilities will rehabilitate seven ports

May 31, 2013

The public company Pemex announced that this year will invest 840 million pesos (almost $ 67 million) for the rehabilitation and modernization of the country seven springs.

In a statement to the Mexican stock exchange, the oil company said the project includes the rehabilitation of facilities in La Paz (Baja California Sur), Mazatlan (Sinaloa), Salina Cruz (Oaxaca), Lerma (Campeche), and two in Birds (Veracruz).

When starting work on the seaport of Guaymas (Sonora), the deputy director of Pemex Refining Distribution, Francisco Fernández, said that the investment will increase the “operational reliability and security of shipping and port activities.”

Pemex’s commitment is to operate in secure facilities and abide by the rules established in the area, he said.

He said that the work at the marine terminal of Guaymas, which moves an average of 18 million barrels of fuel from the refinery in Salina Cruz (Oaxaca) involve an investment of 119.7 million pesos (U.S. $ 9.5 million ).

The works at the oil dock, built in 1963, provide repair degradation on structures, platforms, catwalks, walkways, pipes, fire network, among others.

Fernandez said that investments have also been made to rehabilitate pipelines Guaymas-Hermosillo and Guaymas, Obregón.

The Mexican government has stressed that it is vital infrastructure that is used 365 days a year in order to get fuel and generate development.

Mexico Pemex holds a monopoly on the exploitation of oil and refined products. Worldwide, it is the fifth largest producer of crude oil.

More information: Mundo Marítimo

Dos Bocas Port: 20% of load movement increased

Dos Bocas Port: 20% of load movement increased

By Hugo Hernandez – May 30, 2013

The April, cargo handling port terminals Dos Bocas in Tabasco, increased 20% when registering 2 million 556 thousand 306 tons against the two million 130 thousand in the same period last year, in addition to completing 2000 153 boat arrivals.
Multipurpose Terminal, which operates foreign trade of bulk, general cargo and specialized services to the oil industry, reports a 111% increase in cargo handling, with 98 000 685 tonnes, mostly composed by exports sugar and liquid asphalt imports and an increase of 34% in arrivals, with 465 boats.

Terminal Supply, specializing in the supply logistics of the oil industry, has mobilized 769 000 180 tons of raw materials, fluids and materials, which means an increase of 14% compared to the same period in 2012.

Regarding the export of crude oil in the area monobuoys, there were a total of 1 million 540 thousand 201 tons, with 18 total ship arrivals tanks.

As for the movement of oil and its derivatives in the first quarter of the year rose 17% Dos Bocas, from 1 million 560 thousand 453 tons in the same period last year, 1 million 826 thousand 442 tons until April this year.

More information: T21MN

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