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Women and youngsters of ANSPAC Veracruz accomplish another goal

Women and youngsters of ANSPAC Veracruz accomplish another goal

By Jésica Ramos – HR Department – July 5, 2013

The graduation ceremony for the units belonging to the National Association for Personal Growth (ANSPAC) was an emotional one. For six years, Chet Morrison Contractors (CMC) has changed the lives of many youngsters and women who participate in the courses of this organization by promoting their progress through sponsorships of individuals who belong to the headquarters of ANSPAC Veracruz, which includes other nearby villages. ANSPAC’s objective is the impulse of the person´s integrated growth, based on human values that benefit families and society in general.

Through their partnership, CMC and ANSPAC create a bond between the company and the worker´s families, as well as with the community where the program is established, favoring integral development and encouraging a conscience of social commitment.

The participants from the programs “Youngsters” and “Women” in the Basic and Advanced levels of the Alvarado and Veracruz units, who were sponsored by CMC graduated in May and June 2013. On June 11th the general graduation ceremony was held for the people who finished their respective courses.

We proudly mention that thanks to the collaborative effort of all the parties involved, the ANSPAC participants sponsored by CMC have attained five regional prizes in the Veracruz State headquarters and one on a national level:

  • 1st place awarded to Laura Maldonado Zulaica with “The mark left by ANSPAC in my life” on the year 2010.
  • 3rd place awarded to Orlanda Cobix Canelapor in the contest of nativity scenes in the cycle 2010-2011.
  • 1st place in family trees was awarded to Celia Barrientos Montalvo.
  • 3rd place was awarded to Leticia Hernández Ruiz for her “family tree of four generations” in the cycle 2011-2012.
  • 1st place was awarded to Maria Luisa Crespo Reyes with her “Puzzle of trust.” Reyes also had the chance to participate on a national level, where she won 2nd place (2013)

CMC maintains the commitment to work under a business model characterized by considering the effect of its activities in its surroundings.  The partnership with ANSPAC is one of its efforts to leave a mark in the community where the company works and to participate actively in the solution of the challenges we face as a society, seeking to achieve positive changes in our environment.

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